Ehjae's Top 3 Items You Need for your Wedding Day

I guess you could say that for a single gal, I'm pretty experienced at the whole wedding day thing. These are three things that a lot of people don't think of for their wedding day. Well there are several others as well, but these will significantly alter how enjoyable your day will be for everyone! 

1) Water
Believe it or not, you actually will want to drink something other than beers during your wedding day. Buy a big thing of waters for your cooler to keep everyone hydrated!

2) Snacks
In order to keep your bridal party smiling for photos, make sure to keep their blood sugar levels up with some snacks to munch. Things like fruit snacks, pretzels, or even sandwiches will work really well!

3) Safety pins
You never want to be without some safety pins. It's actually surprising how many times bridal parties need them but no one has any!

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John's 3 Bs- the 3 MUST HAVE items for your wedding day

Over the last 11 years of shooting, I've come up with the 3 B's - 3 MUST HAVES for your wedding. Just kidding, they're more suggestions. But seriously, bring these:

1) Blankets
Time and time again I've experienced the weather turn in our prairie province to less than favorable in seconds. And while we always hope for the best, it's best to plan for the worst! When it turns sour, your bridesmaids won't necessarily have the body coverage they need, so blankets are a must! Additionally, blankets are great for when pictures need to be taken in areas where it might be wet, dirty or muddy and you don't want to mess up your fancy clothes!

2) Baby Wipes
Makeup mishaps make matters more monstrous. When there's many ladies in the wedding party, makeup can get everywhere and anywhere you don't want it to be. Baby wipes are a great catch-all for the unexpected tiny messes that happen throughout the day!

3) Beers
This one needs no explanation. Grab yourselves some six packs of your favorite beers and let yourself enjoy your day the way you want - just make sure someone ELSE is doing the driving!

4) Laughter
I know I said 3 musts, but this one is important. Your wedding day is as fun as you make it. Things go wrong from time to time and if you can't laugh off the little things, your day is no longer about you guys, but rather the logistics. Remember why you're here and why you're marrying your love. Remember that at the end of the day, you get to spend the rest of your life with the person you care about most. So laugh at the big things and don't sweat the small things!

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