Ehjae's Top 3 Items You Need for your Wedding Day

I guess you could say that for a single gal, I'm pretty experienced at the whole wedding day thing. These are three things that a lot of people don't think of for their wedding day. Well there are several others as well, but these will significantly alter how enjoyable your day will be for everyone! 

1) Water
Believe it or not, you actually will want to drink something other than beers during your wedding day. Buy a big thing of waters for your cooler to keep everyone hydrated!

2) Snacks
In order to keep your bridal party smiling for photos, make sure to keep their blood sugar levels up with some snacks to munch. Things like fruit snacks, pretzels, or even sandwiches will work really well!

3) Safety pins
You never want to be without some safety pins. It's actually surprising how many times bridal parties need them but no one has any!

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